Stay once; Stay Always

A Sanctuary of Luxury and Hospitality

Mykonos Rocks is a leading-edge luxury hospitality - property management with the largest owned portfolio of Villas & Suites on the island. Led by a team of highly skilled experts and driven by a vision offering a combination of outstanding accommodation and flawless services that create unforgettable memories.

At our core, we are guided by the timeless Greek philosophy of "philoxenia," the art of hospitality. Our dedication to providing exceptional service is not just a commitment; it's a celebration of the art of hospitality that defines our brand and ensures that every stay with us is a unique and unparalleled journey of luxury and warmth.

Our Signature Mykonos Rocks Complex in Kounoupas is the unique Villas & Suites resort on the island with five star hotel-like services, on-site restaurant and wellness center.